Friday, 2 March 2012

Partners in Crime ... Debt Slavery and Wage Slavery

It is well known that greed, self-interest and the reckless gambling of bankers caused the current crisis, as Governments were forced to bail out banks in order to stop ordinary hard-working people from losing their savings.

Government debt resulting from this subsequently saddled their nation (i.e. people) with massive interest payments (to service these debts), whilst bankers continued to reward themselves with massive bonuses (at taxpayers expense again)!

Banks are still legally allowed to counterfeit money too, by printing 'electronic money' and lending it to others at interest ... a real 'money for nothing' scam of epic proportions (which is why 'runs on banks' were possible in the first place ... as they never had the money/capital they were lending out)!

This process is very important to those in power, because when people are in huge debt they are more easy to control, manipulate and abuse (by the process often termed 'Debt Slavery'). Fictitious money can also create fictitious booms in an economy (e.g. housing market), which is why successive Governments have pandered to banks and not done anything to stop it (n.b. in the US J F Kennedy was assassinated when he started to challenge debt slavery ... and as a result no President or political leader has attempted to do so since).

In the UK the Government is continuing to help banks drive people into debt slavery, by pushing graduates to immediately take on debt by tripling tuition fees (and trying to stop them paying debts off early), before they even have a job and prior to going into massive debt in order try to put a roof over their head (n.b. inflating house prices is also part of the scam)!

And we can now see the next scam ... Wage slavery. The Government has been working hard to deflect blame away from bankers and onto those who can't find a job ... so they can use this environment to bypass the minimum wage (£6/hr) and allow big business to boost their profits by getting job-seekers to work for them for free (and at tax payers expense).

With the slashing of public sector jobs, and the private sector struggling due to the global crisis, we currently face the worst conditions for generations in terms of jobs and these changes will only make things worse. The few new jobs created by the private sector have mostly been part-time low paid jobs, with massive competition for positions and extra hours difficult to come by. With big business now able to get people to effectively work for free now too, the negative effect on jobs growth (be it part time and low paid) and on overtime available will only be made worse!

Governments have for a long time pandered to big business, and actively allowed a massive influx of people into the country to keep pay/salaries down. The massive amount of immigration that has occurred has also pushed up housing demand and house prices ... to the delight again of the bankers and politicians reliant on more 'debt slavery'.

The Government has 'spun' this new scheme as giving people the chance to 'get work experience', but when it displaces additional part-time jobs (and overtime) that would otherwise have been created ... the smoke-screen, just like all the others, quickly evaporates.

Debt Slavery and Wage slavery are partners in crime ... and underpin a cruel and immoral strategy best described as 'the economics of exploitation'. So how come the Government is getting away with this?

Ignorance, Apathy and/or 'Clever Collusion' of those in Power (including the media)?

NB and the next scam after this? ... these same people are now starting to argue the need for 'trickle down economics' again ... and the need to reduce the top rate of tax for the ultra-rich (e.g. bankers, executives) ... to try to stop them avoiding tax and for money to 'trickle down' to the poor ... you couldn't make this stuff up!