Friday, 11 December 2009

Strictly Come Dancing in 'Jonestown'

Another interesting post from a fellow blogger to ponder ... referring to the ignorance and/or apathy of British people (Type 1 & Type 2 Ignoromics) and the types of challenges involved in addressing it.

"... I am quite happy building my boat. The advantage of an island is it is easy to leave it.

You are wasting your time with your rabble rousing, the rabble are sleepy and prepared to drink from the poisioned chalice, just like in Jonestown. Too much Strictly Come Dancing. The enormity of the problem is not the debt, solved by cuts, or the government, solved by a General Election, it is the decades of destruction of a wealth producing sector.

How do you think new wealth is to be created. Let me guess - by training. No. By a cultural shift. Do you know how hard it is to shift a culture, you have no idea, you are part of the culture, you are thinking within it. You have already lost because the culture has lost.

The only route for many is the decline cycle, a form of economic cannibalism. Enjoy. Oh, do you want to supersize that? Reality check time. What was Gordon's big idea, oh yeah, lets ask the Chinese to open factories here, 100s of them. What a lunatic. The Chinese will only buy strategically and will seek to develop their domestic scene, they have said as much by their actions.

And we have various bodies talking things up, like Lord Turner - 'When we get more affluent we will want to fly more' so lets develop air travel and punatively green tax those who dont fly. No oil has peaked already by some estimates. We should be seeking to reduce air travel.

The establishment is part of the culture. Members of the establishment support the culture because it rewards them individually ..."

Are such insights misguided, or getting too close to the truth ? ... you decide!