Saturday, 8 May 2010

Can we have 21st Century Democracy Now

Given the current state of Politics, and the need to engage/involve people in order to create a 21st Century democracy, the time for change is now ... and no single person(s) should/can ignore the will of the people.  Protests are growing demanding change and this will continue to increase until change happens.  It's a referendum we need, giving people real choice, not yet another hand selected committee to pontificate for years and whose conclusions are only ignored in the end anyway.  

Groups such as Power2010 and Take Back Parliament lobbied Politicians in London today, handed in a petition, demanding change and for Nick Clegg not to 'sell out' (to those who are used to Power and misuse that Power).  Clegg came out to talk to the groups, and made it clear he came into to Politics to reform Politics.  Let's hope he continues to demonstrate 21st Century values (e.g. Trust, Honor, Respect), staying strong and true to his word ... and taking responsibility for heralding in a new 21st Century democracy.

To Petition the New Prime Minister you can sign the e-petition requesting People Democracy here too (open for signing once they take office).