Sunday, 16 January 2011

What's worse - Ignorance or Apathy?

As bankers pay themselves billions in bonuses for gambling, and everyone else suffers and pays the cost of bailing the banks out ... most people are living a life of ignorance or apathy ... with hardworking people/families losing their jobs and paying higher taxes, and with future generations being burdened with debt.

Meanwhile these legalised ponzi scheme fraudsters (banksters) are carrying on regardless and getting away with it ... they are lending very little to businesses but speculating a great deal on commodities (such as oil, precious metals, cotton and grain - pushing up raw material prices and thus inflation) and the collapse of economies (e.g. that have bailed them out, such as Ireland).

At the same time the medical profession (consultants and doctors) are busy ripping off the NHS, with consultants earning £100k's (e.g. taking £100k plus extra a year by charging £1000 for just 4 hours extra work) and with doctors quietly taking home 40% more pay (and for many much more than this) for doing less work (e.g. no out of hours cover) as a result of flawed GP contracts.  I raised these issues on BBC's Question Time at the time and they reluctantly admitted it ... nb people used to go into the medical profession with a passion for helping people, not to milk the system dry and use the proceeds to fund property portfolios ... the money they have taken out could have paid for MORE doctors/nurses and much better patient care ... but they clearly decided this was not in their own best interests and decided to take the money for themselves instead (nb as a result taxpayers now pay some of the most expensive doctor/consultant fees in Europe).

Can we expect the current wave of politicians to sort these things out properly ... Well I'm afraid the answer at the moment is 'no' as the truth is they do not have the interests of ordinary hard-working people at heart ... and their own self-interest/greed stops them from challenging others playing the same 'game' too ... so it's going to take far more than this I'm afraid.

Some argue that people get what they deserve ... and if they remain ignorant/apathetic they should not be surprised (or even complain) about being exploited (i.e. 'taken for a ride') by others ... but do you agree with this?  ... and what's worse in your view ... ignorance or apathy? (why not think about it, and avoid the obvious "I don't know and I don't care" answer!)