Saturday, 15 September 2012

The Olympics ... and What a Show!

Over recent weeks the UK (and most of the world) has been gripped with one of the greatest shows on earth - the Olympics!

Held once every four years, thousands of athletes have prepared themselves for the biggest event of their lives! Putting their lives on hold, they have dedicated all their time and energy to the most ultimate of challenges - to see if they are the best in the world!

The building work started and the stage was set. Athletes from all around the world answered the call and descended in their thousands ... and made welcome by UK citizens!

The Olympic flame traversed the country, from coast to coast and from mountain to river ... making it to the peak of Mount Snowdon (a peak my brother, niece and myself had climbed just a week earlier)! It travelled on boats, steam trains and horse back. In fact it travelled in virtually every way possible! It took time to met the Queen, and many celebrities too, until it finally arrived at the stadium!

Once Britain had brought to life a little of it's history (e.g. the industrial revolution centred on the Black Country to the creation of the internet by Sir Tim Berners-Lee) the torch entered the stadium with a bang and the stage was set.

Sports stars took up the challenge and they did not disappoint. Whilst the athletes continued to practice the cyclists and rowers stepped up to the stage. Fast and exciting the thrills came thick and fast! The crowds were immense and the drama intense. Sometimes the 'form book' proved right, sometimes news stars emerged. Sometimes equipment broke, sometimes records were smashed (again and again)!

The swimmers also took to the stage and Michael Phelps was officially crowned King! A great man surpassing all Olympians (and a man also gracious in defeat)! The athletes took over and continued the show - with a thunderous lightning bolt and a massive Mobot. 

The lightening bolt joined forces with the Mobot, as Usain Bolt ran up to celebrate with Mo Farah on the track! As good friends, from very different parts of the world, they joined together in a joyous celebration and exchanged 'logo's'! A beautiful friendship and a pleasure to see!

The glamour girls delighted (e.g. Jessica Ennis and Victoria Pendleton) and advertisers ran to their door - all the glitz and the glam - there had to be more!

With thrills right to the finish no-one wanted it to end ... but with all the gold medals handed out there were no more victors to ascend.

So the closing ceremony arrived and a community tuned in ... to see the finale to the show, the glitz, glam and glee. The celebrities took over to put on a show, with their music, their glam and a massive fashion show!

The final show complete and the stage closed down ... sports stars joined the ranks of celebrity and retired on a high (nb Michael Phelps competed in 3 Olympics before finally retiring)!

And with the party over one finally reflects ... powering the industrial revolution Britain was indeed once great ... but due to the self-interest and greed of the few - e.g. in particular politicians, bankers, CEO's, celebrities, footballers, pop stars etc (e.g. Jimmy Carr and Gary Barlow recent tax scams) ... power and money has corrupted (take BSkyB and Football for instance) ... with glitz and glam now the order of the day ... firstly to hide the fact that Britain is now bankrupt and void of moral purpose ... and secondly to try to keep the majority of citizens in line ... by trying to say it could also be them (i.e. the next footballer, the next pop idol, or the next lottery ticket winner)!  What a thin veneer (and scam)!