Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Cracking down on "Boomerang bosses"

An interesting article was published today pointing to an investigation into "boomerang bosses" ... and council chiefs who leave their councils with a big pay-off only to get another highly-paid council job.

Communities Secretary John Denham has said so-called "boomerang bosses" are undermining public trust. He is not wrong ... but there is a big difference between an investigation and effective action to 'crackdown' on such practices ... so whilst the title of the report again appears to contain more 'spin' than substance at the moment, let's hope an effective crackdown actually takes place ...

... and then moves on to look at exactly the same practices in the civil service, central Government and the private sector too ... where these practices thrive too. For instance how has Lord Mandelson once again joined the Government (with a mightily enhanced role), when he's unelected and has had to resign twice in the past for irregularities and misdemeanors already ...

There's a huge amount to do to restore public trust ... but are they serious in doing it? ... well it sounds like John Denham might be, but Lord Mandelson certainly won't ... and it's interesting that it's again being promoted by the Communities Secretary and being applied to local Government, not central Government. It's also interesting to note that John Denham is also promoting the idea of introducing more effective people consultation / democracy into local government / services at the same time (again to try to regain public trust) ... but once again it's unfortunately not being promoted for central Government / services ... which is where people actually have the least trust (and is also where most of our taxes are wasted).

So is this more spin than substance? ... let's hope not, and let's wish John Denham every success in achieving both of these goals, and the rapid expansion of them too!