Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The 'illusion of democracy'

Here's another important article* highlighting the 'misuse of power', the 'illusion of democracy' and the erosion of 'free speech'. How can this be right in the 21st century? ... well the simple answer is that it isn't right, and it has no place in a 21st century democracy ... and people need to start to make a stand and put up with this no longer ... our basic 'civil liberties' are rapidly being eroded by those who wish to maintain power, and 'profit from' power (i.e. Poweromics) ... and we need to challenge any strategy designed to engender fear into honest, hard-working people who wish to peacefully protest about the all 'wrongs' they see around them ... and who wish to help to put things right ... because if we really want to improve our nation, such people need to be supported, not 'gagged'!

* Take a look at my previous blog here too.