Saturday, 21 November 2009

Blogging - why do we do it?

John Demspter, a fresher to the world of blogging, joined Stephanie Flanders blog recently and instantly made an impact. His questioning was sound, his passion to make difference very evident, and his desire to join people together to open up and tackle the issues clear. He also explained why we need to do it ... and for me he articulated this so well I have decided to summarise what he said here ...


Post 375. At 11:40pm on 21 Nov 2009, Dempster wrote:

"To Leanomist, ishkandar, Bobrocket, stephenblencowe, armagediontimes, glanaflon, CDG & all other bloggers contributing to this website

I suggest that: as adults with a responsibility to the children, the teenagers and the young families who inherit what comes after us, that we do the right and proper thing.

To consider the issues that face this country, we should debate them and as best as we individuals can, in this limited environment in which we blog, endeavour to show that we did at least try.

Having read what you have posted, I do not believe that a single one of you, would not do that which is right by the future of our children.

Our voices are unlikely to be heard, but at least we gave it our best shot.

I am an absolute nobody, I freely admit it, but you lot give me hope, perhaps you can give hope to others."


Post 383. At 01:13am on 22 Nov 2009, Dempster wrote:

"To Leanomist, ishkandar, Bobrocket, stephenblencowe, armagediontimes, glanaflon CDG, spartacus & all other bloggers contribruting to this website

Those who will come after us, hope that we will do the right and proper thing by them.

If we don’t do it, then what is our legacy?

Imagine if you are a child, would you hope that adults would do the right thing by you?

I suspect that most of us bloggers are not young people. But what we post may influence the future for those who come after us.

I’m still a na├»ve blogger, and whilst it may be a forlorn hope, perhaps we can make some difference.

Put your self in the position of a young child, what would you hope we would do?
A young child would want us to look after their best interest… perhaps I am wrong?

But you lot know the answer to that question, don’t you".


and in response I added ...

Post 383 John Demspter - Well put and I agree with you. Your comments sum up very well my reason for writing ... and why I set up the Poweromics blog too ... which will

i) continue until the environment around us changes,
ii) track/chart the history of the revolution,
iii) try to point out all those responsible/culpable, and
iv) try to acknowledge those taking responsibility to try to do something about it.

and with regard to (iv) you are clearly one such person - hence you are already referred to in it - take a look here for instance.

PS Nobody is a nobody - and you've already made an impact here (on me at least).