Tuesday, 16 June 2009

For evil to flourish ...

Whilst commenting on Stephanie Flanders blog "The Global Property Scene" (Post 25), I was struck by a fellow contributor (ishkander) who made the following observation (Post 75) 

'In English, there is a saying - For evil to flourish, all it need is for good men to do nothing'

This brought an additional meaning to me for the definition of Poweromics, and Ignoromics, and provided a more spiritual dimension to the 'battle of values' ahead too.

Leanomics vs Poweromics & Ignoromics


Leanomics = People taking responsibility for adding value and continuously improving the situation for others (e.g. customers, communities, overall environment), based upon fundamental values such as trust, honor, responsibility and respect.

* Poweromics = People using position and power for their own personal gain, based on poor moral values, self interest and greed. Take a look at http://poweromics.blogspot.com for more information/examples of Poweromics.

* Ignoromics = People are either effectively ignorant of the situation (e.g. the overall environment) or not prepared to take responsibility to make sure it changes for the better.

Until the Government stops trying hard to make us believe that Property = Wealth .... and focuses on improving community well-being, jobs and sustainable enterprise instead ... underpinned by strong moral values such a trust, honor, responsibility, respect ... the UK is going to continue its rapid downward spiral into oblivion.

Jobs are continuing to be lost and job security is at an all time low. The Government is now worried about unrest too ... perhaps because "The Devil makes use of idle hands" ...

... but rather than using this as an excuse to increase police/security and reduce civil liberties, why don't they 'listen' to the people and focus on solving the right problems, rather than the wrong ones (e.g. trying to make property prices ramp up quickly again, so young people and future generations have to be saddled with huge debt once again to get a roof over their head, and so banks, using our money, can make money from them again) ... 

... I'm afraid it comes down to more Poweromics I'm afraid (or should I be calling it 'evil' ?) ... and as my fellow contributor also pointed out ... our 'listening PM' has 'wooden ears"!  

Ishkandar - Thanks for your posts, and your insight. They have been referred to on the Poweromics blog too ... 

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