Sunday, 14 June 2009

Raising it with the Prime Minister II

... if only he'd be 'open' to 'fresh ideas'! Like never before, the UK desperately needs 21st century ways of improving well-being, reducing stress, increasing innovation and creating a successful & sustainable economy ... traditional methods have failed completely, and 'fresh thinking' is now required ...

My book highlighted the need for new thinking/approaches over two years ago, and showed the systematic failure which will continue to occur until it does ... The Cabinet Secretary (and Head of the Civil Service) Sir Gus O'Donnell is aware of this, and the gulf between what's needed & what we have at the moment ... however a powerful conspiracy between those in Power (Poweromics), combined with a great deal of Ignoromics, acts as a huge barrier to achieving the types of transformation needed to change things for the better ... 

... take a look at the rejected e-petition below, requesting the type of 'fresh thinking' capable of creating a successful future ... !   'Ideas' on how to improve things are clearly not what this Government is interested in or looking for ... as it appears to them to be endorsing an idea! Whatever next!  ... a PM who has never been voted for ... ?  

Perhaps we have to do it in stages, by signing the "Ask the PM to resign" Petition & the give "People Democracy" petitions first (as these managed to get through) ... then perhaps we can get a PM that really wants to listen and really wants to improves the lives of British people ...


We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to introduce lean thinking, systems thinking, lateral thinking and creative thinking into Government, Public Services and Mainstream Education

Submitted by David Clift – Deadline to sign up by: 14 December 2009

Category: Government, politics and public administration

More details:

To introduce, in a structured and effective way, lean thinking, systems thinking, lateral thinking, and creative thinking into mainstream education and public services, as well as strategic decision making and policy formulation within Government.

A massive strategic advantage will be gained by those nations and communities doing this, as failure is systematically reduced and more innovative solutions are created. Unintended consequences are also minimized and public services become far more effective & supportive of the communities they serve. Mainstream education will also improve dramatically, and provide a sustainable & effective foundation for improving individual well-being, community contentment and economic prosperity too.

A number of nations are starting to realize this and are already benefiting greatly as a result - e.g. improved innovation, creativity, prosperity and well-being ... as well as less failure, stress and frustration.

Without these things the UK will fall further behind, as nations slow to act will find it very difficult to catch up.