Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Traditional 'leaders' hope people have short memories

Robert Peston has again highlighted and challenged 'executive' pay in traditional corporations ... they are clearly still trying to feed from the 'trough' ... and hope hard-working peoples' memories will be short. Robert clearly reads the comments added to his blog (and takes some of them on board) too ... take a look at my previous postings on this subject ...  I have re-iterated the point again ... but also making it clear that hard-working people will not forget, nor will they let them get away with it ...
Traditional 'leaders' need to realise times have really changed, and they need to change, start to 'lead', or get out !


Comment 24 (leanomist)

Rewarding Failure (and Poweromics) are starting to be challenged in Business but it's till going on ... ! 

... I think they are hoping people's memory spans will be short (which I can assure you on this occasion they will not). As you quite rightly point out, most corporate leaders are neither "owner-managers" nor "entrepreneurs" ... and take very little risk .. with their corporate careers, personal bank balances & pay/rewards that is ...

1. True entrepreneurs are innovative leaders who create long-term value, prosperity and growth (e.g. James Dyson) ... people we should nurture, support and reward ... (rather than hinder!)

2. Traditional executives, normally from the finance community, are rarely innovative and tend to systematically destroy long-term value, prosperity and growth (e.g. by failing to innovative and applying simple cost cutting exercises) to obtain a large bonus for achieving short-term financial targets and goals*... people we should challenge, stop and/or retrain in 'value management' ... (not reward with massive salaries, pensions, bonuses, and pay-offs for failure!) ...

Rewarding failure has had it's day ... and clear self interest, poor moral values and greed have also had their day too ... the application of Poweromics** is being challenged in Government and it's going to be challenged in business too ... 

More people can see it now and it's not going to go away ... for instance I'm writing a Poweromics** blog with more examples to make sure it doesn't ... and to make sure its addressed once and for all ... and anyone who is doing the same will be linked from it too ...

Poor management and Poweromics** have had their day - and with the help of the internet they will soon change forever, and for the better ... because hard-working people will keep the pressure on until it does.

David Clift, a Future 500 Leader

* 21st century leadership and management are completely different to traditional leadership and management, and focus on continuously improving the long-term value of an enterprise and the lives of people ... not creating fear and sacking them.

** Poweromics = People using position and power for their own personal gain, based on poor moral values, self interest and greed ... take a look at my previous comments and at http://poweromics.blogspot.com for instance.