Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Leadership? What Leadership? What is Leadership?

To say someone has 'failed to lead' requires a definition of what 21st Century 'leadership' and 'management' actually are ... 

One aspect apparent when examining the "DNA of Failure" of leadership/management is the lack of definition and consensus about what they actually are! The second is how out-of-date most 'leadership' and 'management practices' actually are ... and the third is the lack of desire of people in 'power' to change them (but to drive/change other people instead) ...

So let's start with the 21st Century definition I use with next generation leaders:

* 21st Century Leadership is an 'Art' and about 'leading' People 

* 21st Century Management is a 'Science' and about 'managing' Entities/Things (e.g. Businesses, Economies ...)

Moving on further ...

* 21st Century Leadership = Inspiring People + Challenging People + Supporting People + Developing People 

* 21st Century Management = Managing Capability + Improving Capability + Developing Capability + Managing Change 

Given these definitions, are any politicians actually 'leading'? are any of politicians 'managing'? ... Perhaps we have to go back to way out-of-date 20th Century definitions of leadership and management ...

Traditional 'Management' = Tell People + Manage People + Drive Results ( = Transactional 'Leadership') 

Are any of them doing this instead? ... if they are, don't expect any long term success coming from here ... just more Poweromics*, frustration, failure, and lots more ways to waste/steal tax payers money. 

David Clift, a Future 500 Leader

* Poweromics = People using position and power for their own personal gain, based on poor moral values, self interest and greed. 

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