Monday, 11 May 2009

Parliament's (and BBC's) reputation brought low

Comments made by members of the public on Nick Robinson's blog about this subject are clear. There is real, and growing, public anger about this - one of the most stark examples of Poweromics I've ever seen. People are asking hard questions about the cosy relationships between politicians and the 'media' too (e.g. Nick Robinson).

As an aside - Who pays the BBC bill - we do.  Who decides how much we pay to them - the Government do! Follow the cash (and career paths of many of the individuals involved - eg Lord Burt) and it's not hard to see how Poweromics is likely to be very much alive in the BBC too ...

Will the BBC hit the Government and politicians hard - the bloggers on Nick Robinson's web site very much doubt it and believe we need to do it ourselves (hence this blog and others - I'll point to others that I find too)!

NB I met Nick Robinson in June 2007.  He also has a copy of my book about values and 21st century leadership and management practice, but chose to ignore it's contents and implications ... I wonder why ?!?!


Comment 20 (Leanomist)

Poweromics = People use position and power for their own personal gain, based on poor moral values, self interest and greed.

... Who pays the price ... honest, hard-working people. Who profits ... those in positions of power ... until hard-working people take responsibility and realise the internet has afforded them far more power than they have ever had before. The internet will change everything, including 'power', 'politics', and 'economics'. 

Does Politics = Poweromics at the moment? 

Pretty obvious really. Will it change for the better yet? Will turkeys vote for Christmas? - I think not, but the abuse of position/power is now clear to see by all. It will still go largely unchecked until more hard-working people take responsibility and ensure this type of behaviour is systematically removed. Will people in positions of power milk the system as much as possible until this happens - absolutely.

Any Politician like to step forward and comment, bringing their salaries, receipts, second jobs, future career plans etc with them?

Comment 22 (Corruptfred)

Well Nick, looks like you have misjudged the publics reaction to this. Could it be that you are so close to the politbureau that if you said anything they didn't like, they wouldn't let you on Gordons plane again? 

You were much more independent when you were on ITV, before you got neutered as part of the deal when you transferred to the independent beeb! Don't expect to see this one make the blog!


Comment 26 (Leanomist)

corruptfred (22) - is the BBC involved in a little Poweromics (post 20) itself perhaps? Surely not? 


Comment 350 (Leanomist) 

As posts 342/346 point out ... 

"Oh for a Jeremy Paxman. If he was still doing Newsnight there would not be enough room in the studio for all the bones of the MP's he had savaged ... but ... he still does Newsnight*! 

I have added a comment below from the papers way back in 2006. Jeremy was arguably one of the better and more capable journalists in the BBC then too (he was capable of doing the right thing - but perhaps he has be curtailed/bribed too). 

"Jeremy Paxman has become the latest BBC star to fall victim to the mole who is leaking corporation staff salaries to the tabloid newspapers. Paxman's pay packet for hosting BBC2's University Challenge quiz is £240,000, the equivalent of £7,741 a show, according to a leak published in the Sun today. The University Challenge wage is on top of the £800,000 Paxman is believed to earn for presenting Newsnight, bringing his annual BBC salary to more than £1m, if the figures are to be believed".

We have to remember Poweromics* is happily at work within the BBC too** as the blog readily points out ...

To show the honesty, independence and integrity of the BBC, can we have an update on BBC pay/expenses/perks once the Politicians pay/expenses has been sufficiently covered? 

Perhaps you could lead the way on this Nick?

David Clift, a Future 500 Leader

* POWEROMICS = People use position and power for their own personal gain, based on poor moral values, self interest and greed. 

** Let's see if the BBC remove this post because of this point. I'll tell you if they do.


Comment 351 (Leanomist) - after 350 was removed by the BBC !

Honorable no more - are we referring to politicians, the media or both?

Poweromics* is at work everywhere - as the blog readily points out ...

And it's up to us to change it ...

David Clift, a Future 500 Leader

* POWEROMICS = People use position and power for their own personal gain, based on poor moral values, self interest and greed.