Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Poweromics - Hiding problems and deflecting blame

Their is a great deal of anger being directed by MP's towards the UK House of Commons speaker at the moment ... 

Whilst it's probably true he's not got the moral standing to lead the reform of MP's expenses (as he was one of the MP's feeding from the 'trough' ... and tried all he could to stop the information being made available to public) ... he should not become a 'scape goat' - MP's are still individually accountable for their actions, and the moral values, or the lack of moral values, they have demonstrated ... 

Those who apply Poweromics* like to 'hide problems' but to also 'blame others' ... they've not managed to do the first ... and they cannot be allowed to do the latter ...

More people are saying they want to stand as independents now ... but can UK people actually have proper democracy** now (i.e. fit for the 21st Century) ... so we can really have our say !

* Poweromics = People using position and power for their own personal gain, based on poor moral values, self interest and greed. 

** We only get a say/vote once every five years in a general election, and even then only a small minority of votes actually make a difference as to which of the two main parties gets in Government ... the only votes that effectively 'count' are fringe votes in marginal constituencies (2-3% of the total).

Comment added to Nick Robinson's blog - 192 (Will he stay or will he go?) and 172 (A question of when, not if?)

PS Is David Cameron wanting us to have more of a say too? ... or justing wanting to bring his own form of Poweromics to bear ... ?


Comment 171 (LippyLippo)

MPs are acting like the losing team on the 'Apprentice'! They all participated in the expenses sham that lost them the confidence of the public, but in their desperation to save their own skins, they all turn on the guy who gets flustered when questioned by Sir Alan, hoping he'll be the one to get fired, leaving them to go back to their (second) houses!! 

Their hypocrisy is astounding. They stood up, one after the other, to demand the resignation of the Speaker, hoping that they could pin the blame squarely on one scape goat before sticking their heads back in the trough. Do they think we're stupid? Do they think that this crisis will simply go away if they manage to pin the blame on the Speaker? That his sacking or resignation will somehow atone for the false claims, the dishonesty, the misuse of tax payers' money? It will not. It must not. This demands a root-and-branch review and the deselection of guilty members. Maybe the Speaker does deserve the boot, but he is not alone by any means. We must not let MPs off the hook over this, wiggle as they might.