Friday, 15 May 2009

Poweromics - More visible (and more objectionable)!

The expenses fiasco in the UK has been successful in exposing 'Poweromics' in 'Politics' and now, thanks to the Telegraph, more people can see this and are not going to stand for it.  

More people are now prepared to stand-up and be counted ... and to say they'll have none of it ... as they did on the BBC's Question Time last night!  

As a number of people point out, it's not just the 'system' that's wrong, it's their 'morals/values' that are wrong ... and some of them still don't get this!   

How will they ever build back trust?  I'm afraid not just by changing the system ... 

A number of commentators are not sure how they'll be able to do this ... and have said it will not occur until they remove from Parliament of all those who have been found 'wanting' ... not just for 'their actions', but for their lack of moral values ... and they'll all need to account for their actions and pay any money back.

But a number of people have said they felt 'Powerless' ... and the main parties are trying to scare us about moving away from them (e.g. to the BNP/UKIP) and/or not voting at all.  Creating 'fear' is being used now and this is a common strategy used by those who apply Poweromics (e.g. 'Weapons of Mass Destruction', 'War on Terror', 'Dangerous Climate Change' ...) to try to steer what people think and to stop them from objecting from what those in 'power' want to do (e.g. Iraq War, ID cards, Road/petrol tax increases) ...

So perhaps we should vote, but for a party prepared to listen/learn a little more and give people a proper 21st century democracy ... and let's see how they try to scare us away from that!

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