Monday, 11 May 2009

Remembering 1931 - and Going Bust!

Remembering 1931 - Take a look at the Stephanomics blog and all the comments on this subject.  It highlights how, when taking away all the hype and spin, that this recession is following the same trajectory as back then.

Traditional 'economics' is dead, and Poweromics needs to die too, else lots of hard-working people will suffer (we also remember what the Great Depression in the 30's led to).  Are people going to take responsibility and make their voice heard now, before it's too late ... let's see ...


Comment 22 (Leanomist)

Credit Crunch, Tax Crunch, Pensions Crunch ... entirely predictable outcomes until the style of 'leadership' and 'economics' changes ... 

In a global economy only those capable of offering (and exporting) things other nations want will survive in the long run. This country lost this concept some years ago and/or wrongly believed financial services were the answer!

'Leanomics', a much wider and far more holistic form of 'economics', looks at community factors too ... such as individual well-being and community contentment, as well as the sustainability of enterprise and the environment. For example, one simple Leanomics test, called the "BUTS" test, can create a great deal of insight by looking at debt alongside the capability of the community to pay it back. 

U=Untapped talent
T=Trade deficit

Trade deficits, untapped talent and stress all negatively impact on a nations ability/capability to pay back debt, and what do these look like at the moment ? I'll give you a clue - terrible! 

We have got into huge debt, sold the family silver, demoralised people, stressed people out, created a broken society, overburdened our children (and our children's children), and still have the 1940's baby-boom to come (with a poorly funded pension system).

Will future generations stay in this country and pay the price for all this ... I doubt it. Would you?


Comment 50 (Leanomist)

24 - Simpleengineer - "Is there a 'Global Economics for Dummies' book out there?"

The unfortunate reality is traditional 'economics' is well defined but much too narrow in scope (and is dead now anyway!) When considering 'economics' from a more holistic point of view it becomes naturally shaped by the fundamental values upheld (e.g. honor) and the philosophies applied (e.g. continuous improvement).

For instance: 

Poweromics = People use position and power for their own personal gain, based on poor moral values, self interest and greed. 

Leanomics = People take responsibility for adding value and continuously improving the situation for others (e.g. customers, communities, overall environment), based upon fundamental values such as trust, honor, responsibility and respect.

Guess which one we have at the moment? Guess which one's had its day? The internet has changed the rules and will transform everything, including 'politics' and 'economics'.

Google's mantra is "Do no harm". The Leanomics mantra is "Do good".