Saturday, 30 May 2009

"Heads" they "Win" ... "Tails" you "Lose"

Rewarding Failure - Saying 'Hello' to the "Golden Goodbye" ... not long ago, following the banking crisis, the UK Government spoke of the imperative to stop rewarding failure ... 

... industry 'leaders' have profited greatly from 'golden goodbyes' for many years, and still do ... despite the clear 'anger' and a great deal of 'government spin' ...

But they are not the only ones profiting from such deals ... MP's are too ... and not surprisingly most are very quiet about it ... it's yet another example of the "do as I say, not as I do" culture we see from those we are supposed to trust ... a key feature of Poweromics* at work.

Many of those MP's who have been found wanting are clearly hanging on to their positions until the next general election to make sure they pocket the most from it ... and they'll probably continue to do so even if they're investigated by the Police and sent to jail ... !

One leader has just spoken out against this, but everyone else seems to be extremely quiet ... are MP's really committed to stopping the MP gravy train, and making the job a Civic responsibility rather than a lucrative and highly profitable 'members club' ... (nb and not a 'club' of 'honorable members')

Let's see ... but their actions to date says they won't, not without a 'fight' ... and as we all know ... "Turkey's don't vote for Christmas ..."