Thursday, 21 May 2009

Poweromics: Corporate Politics and Old Boy Networks

Whilst Gordon Brown tells CBI business leaders he did not want to raise tax for rich bankers and adminstrators (and politicians...), he highlighted the extreme state of the Government's finances as the reasons for doing so ...

Were CBI business leaders really interested in the future of their businesses, or their own personal bank balances ... ?

Corporate 'politics' and 'old boy networks' have had their day. Poweromics* in business has had it's day ... and there is a big difference between rewarding entrepreneurs and rewarding administrators & bankers ... (see post 83 earlier)

If the Government wants to improve the situation, they need to train the country in 21st century leadership and management practices (which are completely different to current practices!), and lead by example ... by removing those who do not take responsibility or are not capable ...

... as the previous CBI director general Sir Digby Jones said to the select committee, when asked about the civil service ...

David Clift, a Future 500 Leader

* Poweromics = People using position and power for their own personal gain, based on poor moral values, self interest and greed.

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