Monday, 11 May 2009

Clearing up the Bankers Mess

Commenting on "Clearing up the Bankers mess" 

... and showing how we are paying for bankers greed, and we will carry on doing the same until more of us realise and say no!  

... there is a great deal of resentment about this, and is a real and very costly example of Poweromics! If you don't believe me, take a look at all the other comments on Peston's blog about this too!

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Comment 15 (Leanomist) 

Tax payers are having to underpin traditional personal savings/accounts. Tax payers should never be asked to underpin high risk lending/gambling, driven by self interest/greed. We do not underpin people's flutters in the casino or on the horses (and these kind of activities should arguably be taxed more). Hence the separation of Traditional Retail Banking from Risky Investment Banking is needed to reverse the decisions made allowing them to integrate. This is a NO BRAINER in my humble opinion and I believe most people see it this way. It will eventually have to happen, and I believe many are starting to realize this (including some MP's and the Bank of England Governor) - so why is it still being avoided/dismissed ... NO BRAINS, or just more SELF INTEREST and GREED? 


Comment 27 (Leanomist)

Many banks are designed to confuse people and profit from this process ... for instance one innovative bank leader wanted to apply lean practice to find new ways of adding value and simplifying things for customers ... but the executive board rejected the idea for precisely the reasons above!


Comment 185 (Leanomist) 

I believe the "DNA of Failure" is now relatively clear - e.g. dishonesty, disinterest, self interest and greed. The problem is disinterest has to change in order to fix the other three. Whilst a few of us express our frustration and annoyance here, how many people in the UK are actually prepared to take responsibility and to change things for the better? ... and for those that are, what's the best thing they can do? 

"Leanomics", a new 21st century form of 'economics', will eventually replace "Poweromics". "Poweromics" is what we currently have (where position/power are directly used to serve the self interest and greed of the few in positions of 'power'). Such systems have had their day and will be replaced by a new form of 'leadership' and an expanded form of 'economics' - ones intrinsically more capable of creating much better, holistic and sustainable outcomes for everyone (and based on 'values' such as trust, honour, responsibility, respect). 

The internet is rapidly enabling a new world, which will also change the world of 'leadership', 'politics' and 'economics' for the better, as soon as more people take responsibility and show sufficient interest to make it so.


Comment 290  (Leanomist) 

Current Politics = Community Service or Self Interest and Greed?
And as BobRocket would say ... any Politicians care to step forward and comment ? 

BBC = Community Service or Self interest and Greed?
And as BobRocket would say ... any BBC 'gurus' care to step forward and comment ?

We fund all their lucrative lifestyles, so if they are not serving our community, what are we paying them for?

Comment 294 (Leanomist)

292 - Agreed, and was pleased to see you'd missed the politicians and media 'gurus' out of the list of those people helping to find ways of clearing up the mess too. 

This is meant to be a column about business and as such it should have far more to say about ALL business - however it's a bit like the CBI, not actually the voice of business - but the voice of 'big' business, or during this particular crisis, the voice of 'banks'.

Whoops - have we inadvertently exposed more of the DNA of Failure now ?


Comment 307:

RedFoz (302) has summed up the situation up well - our 'leaders' have demonstrated the worst form of Poweromics (by using position/power for their own personal gain, self interest and greed ... there's no honor amongst thieves, and together they've all but sunk the ship and most of the treasure has been pillaged).

So how were people hoodwinked into thinking these 'leaders' were the promoters of 'prudence'? Were people really taken in by it all, or just continuously 'pushed the idea' via traditional 'independent media' exercising their own brand of Poweromics themselves. 

The internet will change all of this - thank goodness. But the real problem for the UK is going to be finding hard working innovate people still prepared to invest time, energy and resources on a rudderless ship that's going backwards, leaking everywhere and about to sink.