Thursday, 14 May 2009

Democracy - what Democracy?

The Government are busy trying to create scape-goats and to change the focus of our attention ... to what ... to tell us all about 'communities' and 'acts of joined up kindness'!  Why is this?  

Because they haven't been doing this themselves? To deflect attention from their own actions and their blatant application of Poweromics?  Do leopards change their spots? ... I've never seen it myself.

Gordon mentioned today about change (yet again), and about getting out there and 'listening' to the people ...  wow - a relevation (didn't he say that when he became PM - and an unelected PM at that too!) ... what about 'learning' from people (and from their own mistakes) ...

What about giving us 21st Century democracy, so we know we'll really be listened to and we will be properly represented (not for a day - but for life)! Proportional representation would arguably be a start ...  but the two main parties both use Poweromics to continually block this because they both benefit greatly from the current system*.

Chameleon's don't change their DNA when changing colour - so would a change from red to blue really make a big difference?  or would it just change the flavor of Poweromics we get?

They are all clearly worried about protest votes going to groups like the BNP in the forthcoming local/european elections ... 

.. should we then, if for no other reason, be re-directing protest votes more towards groups such as the Liberal Democrats ... as they are one of the few parties who have consistently pushed for us to have a better and more democratic system?  

* We only get a say/vote once every five years in a general election, and even then only a small minority of votes actually make a difference as to which of the two main parties gets in Government ... the only votes that effectively 'count' are fringe votes in marginal constituencies (2-3% of the total) - and that's why the two main parties keep changing the voting boundaries too! 21st Century democracy? ... and yet we often hear politicians quote our 'democracy' as an example for others to follow!

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