Monday, 11 May 2009

Eliminating Crime or Profiting from Crime?

The bbc today report today - UK 'failing' on causes of crime (we have twice the average crime of other European nations)

This is no surprise to those familiar with Poweromics.  As referred to in my book, the Criminal Justice system (which includes the police), needs to focus on 'tackling the causes of crime', and not just profiting from the 'processing of crime'. This is what most police officers go into the force for, until they become institutionalized into the 'system' and give up (eg PC David Copperfield).

The West Midlands Police (mentioned in Chapter 6 of my book - P189-198) have taken a far more proactive approach to policing, by focusing on tackling the causes of crime and developing much better relationships with the communities they serve.  The rest of the criminal justice system has not followed suit however (nor have all the other police forces).

Those involved in rest of the Judiciary System effectively 'profit' from 'processing crime', rather than tackling the 'causes of crime', including lawyers etc, and all at tax payers expense ... and who makes the laws ... the Government ... and who's in Government ... mostly Lawyers/QC's!

This cosy relationship also highlights another area where Poweromics exists ... and one where police who care about our communities are as frustrated by this as we are ... but do Turkey's vote for Christmas? ... not whilst they have a choice ... nor whilst we let them get away with 'murder' ... !