Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Pay back time - challenging Poweromics

From Unthinkable to Unavoidable ...

All parties are rushing to introduce checks on expenses and paying some of it back.  But does this solve the problem?  Does a Chameleon change it's DNA when it changes colour?

Poweromics needs to continue to be addressed ... e.g. the Poweromics stopping us from having proper 21st Century democracy (take a look here, at Nick Robinson's blog, and comments made below) ...


Comment 135 (Leanomist)

From unthinkable to unavoidable - continued ...

It doesn't stop here - how about giving us proper democracy - e.g. making sure every vote counts would be a good start (e.g. proportional representation) ... or will Poweromics*, applied by the two main parties, keep stopping us from having a proper democracy fit for the 21st century?

We only get a vote in a general election once every five years, and only a very small minority of votes (in MARGINAL CONSTITUENCIES) actually make a difference to who gets in Government anyway (which is why they keep changing the boundaries)! 

Poweromics* is everywhere and must be replaced (see Poweromics blog at http://poweromics.blogspot.com). This problem is just starting to be exposed - and has not been addressed yet.

(e.g. Do Chameleons change their DNA when they change color)?

David Clift, a Future 500 Leader

* Poweromics = People use position and power for their own personal gain, based on poor moral values, self interest and greed.