Monday, 11 May 2009

Rebuilding the City - With OUR Money!

Take a look at "Rebuilding the City" on Peston's blog

 ... the comments on the blog show just a small amount of the anger at the way ordinary hard working people are having to pay to rebuild the City, as bankers continue to feed from the 'trough'.  

As the article suggests - Turkey's don't vote for Christmas (and they aren't) but Government aren't stopping the gravy train either!  

The CBI lobbied the Government on behalf of banks to give them all the cash ... but for what purpose, so they can continue to 'feast' from the table and profit further from more tax paid by hard-working people  ... ? 

Again, the comments on Peston's blog shows growing public resentment as they start to become wise to the abuse and the cosy relationships created by Poweromics ...  

Is there sufficient concern for people to take responsibility for making sure it changes yet? Let's see ...

Comment 54 (Leanomist):

 Poweromics = People use position and power for their own personal gain, based on poor moral values, self interest and greed.

... Who pays the price ... honest, hard-working people. Who does not (and even make profit from it) ... those in positions of power ... until hard-working people take responsibility and realise the internet has afforded them far more power than they have ever had before.

The internet will change everything, including 'power', 'politics', and 'economics'. 

Does Politics = Poweromics at the moment?