Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Smoke, Mirrors and Gentlemen's clubs

There's been a lot of 'fog' created recently, since MP's have been forced to take a look in the 'mirror' ... but the outcome?  ... more smoke and mirrors?

Some have made reference to 'Gentlemen's Clubs' ... but are they "Gentlemen'? - 'True Gentlemen'? ... 'True Gentlemen' are honorable people who take responsibility and are people we can trust, respect and look up to ...

MP's have just forced the Speaker of the House of Commons to resign (the first time in over 300 years) in attempt to make him a scape goat and deflect attention away from their immoral behaviour ... honorable? taking responsibility? trust? respect ?  Why aren't more of them resigning too?  ... Is this just more 'smoke and mirrors'? 

The MP's are debating another 'Club' in Parliament today too - the BBC - and agreeing how much extra we as tax payers will have to pay them in the future ... the chairman of the BBC Trust has said if it doesn't increase it'll be a threat to their independence (NB Poweromics* often involves creating fear), but are they really independent ...?  

To answer this question we need to ask a few questions and recall a few facts about the BBC:

1. Where do the BBC get their money from? Answer = us, the tax payer.

2. Who decides the amount tax payers pay? Answer = the Government.

3. Who decides the future of the BBC? Answer = the Government.

Can anyone see a way the Government may also have a little influence over the BBC and its reporting too?  Let's ask a couple more questions ...

4. Where did Lord Burt go to after leaving the BBC? Answer: The Government.

5. What was he doing as a close aide to Tony Blair? Answer: He wouldn't tell the Select Committee (despite being repeatedly asked)!

6. How much are BBC executives / stars paid?  Remember the revelations back in 2006? 

Did BBC 'journalists' really try to expose what MP's were up to, or just report on the journalism the Telegraph were actually doing (nb Jeremy Paxman has referred to the lack of proper Journalism in the past - and the fact that 'journalism' is very different to 'reporting') ...

Are BBC 'reporters' really an independent voice carrying out a civic duty for the benefit of the community (and paid for by us), or just part of the same 'club' the MP's are in?  

Will the BBC 'fail to lead' too, or are they going to detail their pay, additional jobs, perks and expenses now too ...

David Clift, a Future 500 Leader

* POWEROMICS = People use position and power for their own personal gain, based on poor moral values, self interest and greed. 

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