Wednesday, 3 June 2009

With mutiny abound, are we bound to get Democracy?

Minister resignations are abound ... but 21st century leadership and management is really what we need ... changing the 'captain', the 'song', or the 'band' will not stop this ship from sinking ... it'll just change who's first to the life-rafts ...


... and the time for more fundamental change is now ... but we want a 21st century democracy and a proper say ... 

"Democracy should happen every day, not just on election day"

Take a look at Nick Robinson's blog and my comments below:


Post 162 (leanomist)

A re-shuffle just after an election is a well known political move by the 'leader' to say - "you were not happy ... but we've changed things ..."

What rubbish ... the only thing that's not changing is the one person in the country who believes he's the only man for the job - ie. Gordon Brown himself!

He can no longer hide behind a moral facade ... it's not what you say, it's what you do (and don't do) that counts ... that's what we're bothered about and that's what all politicians should be judged on ... the age of 'spin' has gone ... and attempting 'moral' spin (referring to their upbringing rather than what they're doing now*) is arguably the most disgraceful form of all ...

However, there are probably few people in his party now that people will believe, or trust (except Frank Field perhaps?) ... do people really trust Hazel Blears as a Minister, or Ed Balls as Chancellor of the Exchequer? If they did, there wouldn't be so much talk of Gordon Brown asking Vince Cable to do it ... !

Ed has built a reputation - but for 'Spin' ... and 'Spin' has had it's day!

We need real 'leaders' who can actually 'lead' ... eg listen, learn, care & support, and show respect, sound knowledge, good judgement, responsibility & an ability to take effective action ... rather than focusing on 'celebrity', 'rewarding failure' and 'making sure they'll be ok'. The Government have wrongly got wrapped up in 'celebrity' ... people do like celebrities, but politicians want a bit of it to rub off on them ... and they also love the fact that it diverts people's attention away from what they are/aren't up to too ... at least most of the time (eg. when Joanna Lumley etc get involved with the Gurkas)!

We need 21st century leaders and 21st century management (not 'spin-doctors' or 'celebrities') and at the moment we have neither ... and the scary thing is they do not seem to be visible in whatever 'color of party' you look towards ... which is probably why so many people are currently so disaffected/frustrated ... and perhaps considering voting for 'more extreme' parties to make a point !

... Given this perhaps we need an intermediate stage, where we vote for those who will truly (and rapidly!) give us a 21st century democracy, which may then start to attract more honorable, respectable and capable people into these roles ... but who can we trust ?!?

Whatever happens, if we don't change radically soon, moral & financial bankruptcy will continue to accelerate (and feed off one another) ... and bring the UK to it's knees... 

We need to make sure we stop the 'rot', ensure everyone can have proper say and are effectively represented (every day, not just on election day).

David Clift, a Future 500 leader and Poweromics** blogger

* Why did Gordon Brown allow himself to represent us at the D-Day remembrance (instead of the Queen - our Head of State) as soon as he found Barack Obama was attending? Rubbing next to 'celebrity' again perhaps? Why has he been trying to ring Susan Boyle (from Britain's got talent) too? Care, respect or more 'celebrity chasing' ?

** Poweromics = People using position and power for their own personal gain, based on poor moral values, self interest and greed. Take a look at for more info.