Monday, 8 June 2009

Raising it with the Prime Minister

The Prime Minister has set up a system for petitions to be formally registered with 10 Downing Street ...

So let's ask Gordon to provide the UK with a 21st Century democracy - take a look at the petition below .... and click on the here (or below) to sign it.

This is a simple and effective way to register your frustration with the electoral system and to have your voice heard by Number 10 ... and get the Prime Minister to respond properly too ...

In a 21st century democracy you don't always have to vote with your 'feet' ... but you do need to vote with a 'click' !!


"We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to give UK people a 21st Century democracy in order to regain trust in Parliament." 

"We would like the Government to give UK people a democratic system fit for the 21st Century. New technology, such as the internet, is creating a 21st century platform for democracy – where everyone can communicate/see what is happening, express their views/concerns, suggest ideas for improvement and have their say on the priorities/changes needed. Other Governments are already starting to do this, and gaining trust (and ideas) as a result.

More referendums should take place and representation should be based on ability and a true representation (e.g. more proportional representation). Representatives should also reflect, and be continually answerable to, a robust, representative and independent sample of the community they serve. One person should not be given complete responsibility (on election day) to represent 100,000’s of people every day for five years, whilst not being continually accountable to those they are supposed to serve.

Democracy should happen “Every Day”, not just “Election Day” …

… as “Trust” will not be restored without it."


Click here to add your name to the petition - don't lose the opportunity for your voice to be heard (by the Prime Minister himself) ... Request "People democracy" today !

If you are also unhappy with the Prime Minister you can also register you request for him to resign here too! 


Take a look at post added to Nick Robinson's blog (Comment 80)

This whole affair has shown that Labour MP's (from top to bottom) are looking out for themselves, and not for the people of the country ...  
... which takes us back to previous points, eg the failure to apply the "Seven Principles of Public Life" which has created the lack of trust in Government ...  
1. Selflessness 
2. Integrity 
3. Honesty
4. Leadership 
5. Openness 
6. Objectivity 
7. Accountability 
... Should these apply in the Labour Party and Politics at the moment? ... I think most people would say they not only should, but must ! ... but it appears they only want to espouse them ... and necessarily follow them! This is very common when Poweromics* is applied (along withe the use of spin, threats and creating fear!) ...
... the phrase do as I say, not as I do, come to mind ... and they should not be 'principles' but the 'fundamental values' that must be followed and policies must also support. 

Trust has gone in the labour party - a party which was supposedly to represent 'the people" ... arguably the most sickening point of all. . We desperately need a 21st century democracy - a "people democracy" - where people are really listened to, properly represented, and capable of having their say 
take a look the new e-petition which gives everyone the chance to 'request' the Prime Minister (and Number 10) to give us what we want ... and to let us have a say ... and register your wish** for a 21st century electoral system too - so everyone is given a say ... and "every day" ... "not just on election day" !  

As trust will not be restored without it !  

* Poweromics = People using position and power for their own personal gain, based on poor moral values, self interest and greed.  

** People democracy - be one of the first to sign the 'People Democracy" e-petition ... and directly request the Prime Minister to give it us! Complaining without taking action is of little value to anyone ... and the time to be heard is now ... before they all disappear on their long summer holidays ...