Monday, 29 June 2009

Spin, spin and more spin ...

Stephanie Flanders raised the issue of the Government wishing to avoid detailing its budgets and plans for the future ... with Lord Mandelson and Gordon Brown both reluctant to do this ... could it be that they hope to 'spin' the "Conservatives=10% cuts" line all the way up to the next election, to strike sufficient fear into voters, whilst being very careful to make sure they do not give the opposition any ammunition to fire back at them? Take a look at just a few of the comments posted on her blog below ... 


Post 31 (leanomist):

Many good points raised:- let's see if some of them are listened to and/or dealt with ... (e.g. the ones repeated below) 

no 2. At 3:25pm on 29 Jun 2009, PortcullisGate wrote:
"As a father of three I now see the situation as desperate. If Brown is allowed to continue his scorched earth policy their futures are ruined ... The economy is not being run for economic reasons it is being shaped for political survival. Our futures are just collateral damage in a game of fool the electorate ... You Peston, Robinson need to start asking some difficult questions or you are not fulfilling your remit"

no 13. At 4:42pm on 29 Jun 2009, John_from_Hendon wrote:
"What will growth be based upon - answer a housing bubble (unsustainable)!!!! - partly in response to #1 above ... So far there has been NO improved (tightened) regulation of the banks or financial sector ... There is NO visible, let alone viable, strategy to get from where we are today to any form of genuine recovery."

no 14. At 4:47pm on 29 Jun 2009, ExcellenceFirst wrote:
"Mandelson can give whatever reasons he likes for why the Spending Review figures will not be published next spring, but we ALL know that the ONLY reason being considered is that it is seen not to be in Labour's party interests to do so..."

no 15. At 4:47pm on 29 Jun 2009, John_from_Hendon wrote:
"I am afraid all politicians are guilty of arrogance - we pay them to 'know' when there is nothing but uncertainty! It is our faith in this that is simplistic - we get what we elect!"

no 26. At 7:58pm on 29 Jun 2009, newsjock wrote:
"This government is completely discredited regarding any sort of financial competency. For Labour to say that government spending will continue to expand is either dishonest or shear lunacy. In either case the perpetator should be locked up. Gordon's political legacy is a near bankrupt Britain."


Mandy and Brown are clearly doing all they can not to give any ammunition (ie the truth) to us (or to the opposition) and are hoping desperately that continually 'spinning' their 'Conservatives = 10% cuts' line all the way up to the next election will generate sufficient fear* amongst voters to still give them a fighting chance of getting into 'Power' again ... Meanwhile nothing will be admitted/done to improve the situation (or the 'future' of our nation), which will impact all of us for generations to come (as they look after themselves)*. No ideas. No morals. Shame on them, and anyone who knows but lets them (e.g. the BBC).

David Clift, a Future 500 Leader

* Creating fear is a common strategy used by people who apply Poweromics*. 
** Poweromics = People using position and power for their own personal gain, based on poor moral values, self interest and greed). Take a look at for more info/examples.