Sunday, 27 March 2011

The people marched ... and the Coalition ignored

Hundreds of thousands of people descended on the London this weekend to march in protest at Government plans and to call for an urgent re-think ... and the next day Vince Cable* says the Coalition is going to carry on regardless!

They want us to believe they are listening to the people ... but clearly they are not! 

They'll point to their change of plan with regard to selling off the forests, after supposedly listening to the people (because a change of heart here was not a big issue for them), but when it comes to everything else, including tuition fees and reforms to the NHS (bribing GP's with bonuses to ration healthcare), they'll listen to no-one and will not budge!

No wonder people are becoming more cynical, annoyed and frustrated, and for a small minority this clearly boiled over. If the coalition continue not to listen to the people, IMHO things will unfortunately only get worse. It appears you can march all you like, but it won't make any difference to what they do ... so people will now have to hit these people hard in the forthcoming May elections too (forcing thousands of their rank and file supporters to get kicked out of local councils).

When students marched about tuition fees being tripled they were ignored and the Government were quick to tell us only a small number of Universities would actually charge the maximum £9k per year. In reality, virtually every university to date has announced it will be charging the £9k per year! The Government is also scrapping EMA for 16-18 year olds too, when youth unemployment has risen to an all time high (1 in 5 and rising). 

IMHO the Government need to remember, those with nothing ... have nothing to lose! 

* NB Vince Cable has also said today he wants to see the 50p tax cut for the rich! Shame on the man ... a man with no morals who has clearly lost all credibility and trust ... a man quickly corrupted by Power.