Saturday, 19 February 2011

No longer selling the Forests ... was this really due to "People Power" ?

Does the Coalition's decision to withdraw its plan to sell off the nation's forests show this Government is really "listening to it's people" ... 

or is it an easy, visible (and cynical) way for them to 'say they listen' ... as a defence for when they are accused of not listening/consulting about anything else ... (n.b. as such plans are arguably rather trivial when compared to planned NHS reforms for example ... which they have little/no intention of listening to anyone about, despite growing concern) ... 

Most of the blogging community appear to be very clear on this one ... and I'm afraid it's the latter.

"People power" will continue to grow ... but this isn't a great example of it ... for the truth is the Government conceded very little by withdrawing this plan. 

It's interesting to see how far more people are willing to stand up against  forests being sold off ... than to fight for the future of healthcare*. Let's see if this changes in coming weeks ... and if real "People Power" arises as a result. 

* Is this a mixture of ignorance and selfishness perhaps, or is it more akin to the fact that most people care about animals more than they do about people ?