Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Public confidence collapsing ... a self-feeding downward spiral ?

A ComRes poll for ITV News shows that half the country thinks the Government has lost control of the economy and fear a double dip.

The sixth installment of the Cuts Index, conducted by ComRes, shows that almost half the country (48%) believes that the Government has lost control of the economy. This compares to 29% who believe that the Government is in control of the economy.

Polled after last week's drop in GDP, 52% of the public believe that the UK is on course for another wave of recession, up from 38% when asked the same question in October. In contrast, 17% of country doesn't believe there will be a double dip - compared to 24% in October.

Asked whether they think things are generally heading in the right direction, 48% said no, up from 32% when asked in October. This compares to 28% saying they think things are heading in the right direction, down from 41% in October.

Asked about who they trust to see the UK through the current economic situation, 22% of the public say they trust George Osborne, 33% trust David Cameron and 22% trust Nick Clegg (nb the trust in all three men has fallen by 10-12%).

With so little faith in the Coalition, and even less in the Opposition (they polled only 15%!), it doesn't bode well for the future of Britain ... as a mixture of ignorance and apathy will continue to prevail ... 

for a while longer at least. This won't last forever however ... as a self-feeding negative downward spiral has started, with household incomes dropping (except for the very rich) and unemployment rising (nb we have also learnt this week that a staggering 97% of all new jobs have only been for part-time work) ... and hard-pressed people will start to take more notice, and demand very different things ... 

NB Politicians need to take a look at the recent IMF report, and on the risks of civil war (due to imbalances of Power).