Monday, 14 February 2011

Real "People Power" ... will rise up as result of leaders "Abusing Power"

Are we currently seeing the arrival of "Government backed People Power" or a disgraceful "Abuse of Power by the few in Power" ?

Ask yourself if you've had any say in i) how swinging budget cuts are introduced, ii) how tax hikes are implemented (e.g. VAT targeted at the poor), iii) if massive tax cuts should be quietly given to the ultra-rich Tory backers (bankers and those in tax-havens*), and iv) if our precious forests should be sold off ...?

IMHO "People Power" will eventually arrive, but to counter the "Abuse of Power" we are currently witnessing! However what we are also seeing is this Government smokescreen being blown away. What they are trying to do is to devolve responsibility and deflect blame for the cuts onto others (e.g. a great article on this is here) ... and put responsibility on communities for picking up the pieces (via volunteering - or perhaps by compulsion in the future with future welfare reform)!

It is important to note that this Government is also trying to force through NHS reforms, that also 'devolve the axe and deflect blame' onto doctors for the planned £20bn p.a. of efficiency savings ... and 'buying their silence and support' by bribing them for cutting the healthcare they provide to you (e.g. with lucrative contracts and bonuses) ... again without any consultation or support from the electorate (as this radical change was in neither of the Coalition's election manifestos).

Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for Education, has also been accused of an 'abuse of power' by a high court judge for scrapping the Building Schools for the Future programme without proper consultation and consideration ....

There are many more abuses of Power highlighted on this web site too. IMHO Ignorance and Apathy are endemic, but both will reduce as people's lives get far worse ... which they will given current plans!

Roll-on real "People Power"!

* An excellent post in the Guardian exposed this one! Contrast this with the spin from David Cameron ... who tells us he can't afford tax cuts!