Friday, 10 June 2011

Government still want to reward GP's for rationing healthcare

Before entering office David Cameron said the NHS was safe in his hands and promised to put an end to top-down reforms. Yet on entering office, his Government immediately embarked upon radical top-down reforms of the NHS, which no-one knew about and no-one voted for. 

The reforms contain fundamental conflicts of interest and put the future of the NHS at risk, prompting opposition and anger from the public as well as every professional healthcare group (e.g. the BMA, the Royal College of Nursing, Royal College of Surgeons ...).  

So Cameron said the Government would embark on a 'listening exercise", but in reality the Government listened very little (but talked a lot) and continued to quietly press ahead with GP commissioning (so there could deliberately be no turning back in this part of the plan)!

David Cameron has now given five pledges about reforming the NHS, but they are most noted for their omissions rather than what they include ... as there is no plan to stop GP's from profiteering from rationing healthcare ... i.e. the most blatant conflict of interest.  

GP's have shown themselves to be more than happy to profiteer from NHS changes in the past ... and many are looking to these reforms to provide the biggest opportunity yet ... e.g. by profiteering from bonuses (and shares in commissioning companies) for rationing healthcare to patients, as well as  being able to commission work to themselves or to companies they have interest in (e.g. shares, directorships).

David Cameron is making 'pledges' in many areas, but they are clearly not going to change the strategy of bribing GP's in order to ration healthcare - as this is the way that the Government plans to make £20bn of savings in the NHS ... and when you take out the additional profiteering from GP's, the real decrease in actual healthcare spending is going to be much more!

NB The Government are also still toying with imposing more competition from private health companies, and they're still looking to scrap their legal duty to provide the same level of healthcare to everyone wherever they live too! Which also go to show that the "listening exercise" was nothing of the sort, and that Cameron's 'pledges' are also not worth the paper they are written on ...