Thursday, 23 June 2011

Will bribery boost Nick Clegg's popularity?

Nick Clegg is desperately trying to turn around the catastrophic collapse in his popularity and the support for his party ... following crushing defeats in recent elections. 

Local election results were a catastrophe for the Liberal Democrat party, and the Referendum on Electoral Reform turned into an anti-Clegg vote instead of a vote on changing the electoral system (given it was his pet project) - which was a major setback to any real democracy in this country.

But will bribing the country, by offering them a few shares in RBS, help revive support for him and his party, or will voters see it for what it is? Early indications seem to suggest the latter, but if it this con does work, it will just go to show how low these politicians are prepared to go and how gullible, selfishness and immoral the people have become (giving up their principles, such as trust, honor and respect for others, for cash). 

By giving the share money away they expect most of it to be immediately spent back in the economy, but if they used the money to pay off debt it would reduce the tax burden for generations to come ... so everyone would benefit (ie. children, and their children). However the problem with paying off debt in this way is that the children don't have a vote, so there is no point in Nick Clegg trying to bribe them! If Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats really cared about the future he would focus on the future generation too. Instead he wants to give everyone on the electoral register (i.e. with a vote) a few shares, but is not interested in putting any shares into trust funds for the young, or reducing their tax burden and/or helping to reverse the tripling of student fees!

Nick Clegg needs to remember that Gordon Brown tried hard (and failed) to gain popularity and also create dependency ... by bribing people with their own money (and money he did not have) and by expanding 'tax credits' to higher income groups! Brown then went on to warn people not to vote for someone else ... as they might lose the benefits they were now used to getting! His scam didn't work ... and voters still voted with the feet ... and away from one of the most callous and manipulative 'leaders' in history. Let's hope the electorate are clever enough to spot Clegg's game, and walk away from this scam too!