Friday, 28 October 2011

Double dip ... here we come!

Further evidence today that we are heading for a double-dip recession ... 

1. Two of the nine Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) members have effectively now admitted it ... with one now saying there is a 50-50 chance the economy will contract in the final three months of the year. They are trying to 'rescue us', or should I say 'cover the recession up', with a further £75bn of quantitative easing (printing money) ... and they hinted a further extension of this is likely in the coming months. The problem with this approach is that the money simply ends up in banks (who caused the problem in the first place) for them to speculate with (rather than lend out to businesses) and it also pushes up prices/inflation (nb the idea that the stock market is 'rallying' is a big con ... it simply follows the effective devaluation of the pound).

2. Sentiment among the British public has dwindled to recession levels as fears mount over the outlook for the economy and household finances. GfK NOP's consumer confidence index fell to -32 in October from -30 in September. It has only breached that level on two occasions since the survey began in 1974 - March 1990, and June 2008. At both points the UK was heading into recession.

But don't worry ... the Chancellor and the Government now have something else to 'pin the blame on' ...  not themselves ... or any of their policies/inaction ... but the crisis in Europe* ... how convenient ... and timely!

* After all the rhetoric from Cameron and the Government about listening to the voice of the people (and giving them a referendum on Europe), it's interesting that they imposed a 'three line whip' to force MP's to vote against a proposal aimed at giving ordinary people an opportunity to have their say over Europe ... whilst they continue to use taxpayers money to prop Europe up! Hypocrisy indeed.