Thursday, 24 May 2012

"Posh Boys" Determined to "Line the Pockets" of the Ultra-Rich

Believe it or not the "posh boys" are now trying to push the idea of giving businesses the ability to be 'sack people at will' ... and getting their 'spin machines' (e.g. The Taxpayers Alliance) to push the argument for a single rate of tax at the same time too (i.e. spin for getting rid of the top rate of tax altogether)! 

Both ideas are being 'spun' as 'solutions for growth' ... yet you really couldn't make this stuff up!

The truth is one of the following:

1. They have no idea at all about how to create growth ... as their proposals would actually reduce growth, not boost growth!

... Slashing services, cutting jobs and increasing taxes for the least well off in society (e.g. increasing VAT and National Insurance) reduces the spending power of the vast majority and reduces growth. It is well known that people with the least (and with little/no savings too) tend to spend any money they have on additional goods and services (i.e. which makes the wheels of the economy go round), whereas giving yet more money to the rich (via further tax cuts) does not boost growth at all (i.e. 'trickle down economics' is a complete scam), it just allows them to hoard even more (as recently demonstrated by the massive increase in the wealth of those in the latest UK's rich list - despite a supposed recession)! The publication of this list, alongside the recent 50% increases in top executive pay, prove this once and for all, and now only a brain-washed/brain-dead person would fail to see this now.

2. They do know what they are doing (and how to really boost growth), but it serves their interest to keep things very difficult, so they can use this to justify slashing public services still further!

... In reality the "posh boys" actions' have been designed to slash any service provided to 'ordinary people' and put fear amongst 'the peasants' (e.g. a 'sack at will' strategy) to maximise the ability of the ultra-rich to exploit them. According to recent reports these people have not seen a recession at all, with their wealth continuing to rise. These immoral spin doctors previously 'spun' the idea that the introduction of the 50% top rate of tax resulted in massive tax avoidance by the ultra-rich (by them pulling any pay forward - a known, but one-off, opportunity), and used this argument to remove it altogether, yet this action perversely allowed them to do the same sort of thing again (by putting pay back a year this time)! Again you couldn't make this stuff up ... yet the gullible British public accept it, and the culpable/incompetent British press/journalists (e.g. BBC) do not bring them to account either!

In my humble opinion the latter is by far the most likely, with these "Out of Touch Posh Boys", born into wealth and trained only PR, determined to take Britain back to 'feudal times'; where 'peasants' are exploited by the 'landowners/gentry' ... and they will continue to do so until they are either kicked out ... or succumb to another 'peasant's revolt'.

These PR merchants, rather than truly trying to stimulate growth, actively try to blame everyone else for the lack of growth, so they can continue their immoral plan ... and from this point of view Europe's current woes create 'the perfect platform' for the Government - occurring at just the right time for them (nb exports to Europe have been going up, not down, so their arguments that Europe is causing the problem are again mostly spin)!

These PR merchants also tried to put fear into everyone (over petrol) to get everyone to rush to the pumps in the final days of the last quarter (causing a self-generated petrol crisis), to try to avoid the UK being formally classified as entering a double dip recession ... but this did not work. Indeed the revised GDP figures released today suggest that the economic contraction was even worse than initially reported, and pointing to fact that the initial recovery was all but stamped out as soon as the "posh boys" took over! In reality, we are now not only in a double-dip recession, but in a depression much worse than the 30's (the "great depression'), as when you look at the initial contraction, and the subsequent recovery (see diagram below), the recovery in levels of GDP is much worse now ...

NB The PR "posh boys" only ever refer to recovery/growth relative to the last quarter, and not to the recovery of GDP to what it was prior to the recession ... and even when they do this it still doesn't look good! ... but if they were to use the proper measure ... then they would have to admit they are presiding over (and responsible for) the worst depression ever!