Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Doctors show what they really care about ... and it's not their patients!

Doctors, just like all other professions, previously opposed the Government's proposed NHS reforms outright ... but when the Government ignored them, they were quick to 'give up' and 'get on' with it.

However Doctors have voted to strike today ... about one particular aspect of the NHS reforms ... but not those parts set to decimate the NHS ... 

Doctors have instead decided to strike over proposed changes to their pensions! (which, even after the change, will see them receiving 250% more money than an average person receives when they are still working, and before any Tax/NI is taken off!)

This just goes to show how these people, who take the hippocratic oath (and who we are supposed to trust) have, for some time, not become medical doctors due any 'calling'/desire to care for people (i.e. a vocation, as it once was), but to get on a highly lucrative 'gravy train' consisting of money (NHS, private, shares/bonuses from rationing your care), self-interest and greed. 

If this were not true then they would be striking over those parts of the bill that will decimate the NHS, ration/privatize healthcare and, to put it bluntly ... 'kill people' ... shame on them ... people will soon trust them as much/little as the politicians and the banksters!