Friday, 22 June 2012

Corrupt economics: Destroying Value ... and Communities

The Government is currently promoting the fact that they are shifting their focus onto exports, manufacturing (cf finance) and growth (i.e. job creation).

However this once again appears to be all spin and no substance!

Our current trade deficit is at its worst level for seven years, manufacturing is shrinking (not increasing), and recent figures show that the vast majority of jobs currently being created are in finance (over 60%) - not manufacturing (less than 3%)! 

This Government tries to tell us the financial sector makes up a small part (less than 10%) of the total economy, which is a complete distortion ... this small figure does relate to the manufacturing sector, but not the financial sector ... and the job creation figures provide a truer picture of reality ...

Corrupt 'free market capitalism', is systematically backing/ promoting 'money for nothing' scams ... over 'real' hard-working businesses desperately trying to positively contribute to society and add real value to people's lives ..

It is well known and well documented (e.g. on this blog) that bankers (and finance companies in general) do not add any real value to society ... in fact they're actually systematically destroying value ... hence they need to be reigned in. 

In the future 'adding real value' needs to be positively backed/promoted ... and destroying value needs to be made illegal or, as a minimum, taxed very heavily to replace/cover any value it may destroy (i.e. just like other forms of gambling, tobacco, alcohol etc currently are). This Government is vehemently resisting any financial transaction tax ... which would be a good start to achieving this goal ... and why? ... well, they are 'in the pockets of the bankers', are also threatened by them (e.g. threats to move their centres overseas if they don't like what the Government is doing) ... and they allow this corrupt banking system to counterfeit money and to keep the 'means of production' (i.e. money/capital) mostly in the hands of themselves (over 60% of all new jobs/investment) ... so they can create and exploit yet more 'money for nothing' scams (i.e. 'financial engineering')!

They are systematically stealing taxpayers money, plundering and destroying communities, and stealing people's future ... by burdening communities with debt slavery for decades to come. 

Capitalism is better described as the 'economics of exploitation' ... and this is not being tackled because we also have a mockery of a democracy.

As Aristotle once said ...

"Democracy is when the indigent, and not the men of property, are the rulers"

... and ...

"In a democracy the poor will have more power than the rich, because there are more of them, and the will of the majority is supreme" ...