Monday, 20 July 2009

Will Stephanie help change the course of history?

Is Stephanie prepared to help us face the challenges ahead? ... Take a look at Stephanie's latest blog, my previous post, and my comments made earlier today too (below) ...

Stephanie has already read a lot of the comments made on her post, and has already responded to some of them too ... I'll keep you posted with what happens, and let's see if Stephanie Flanders is up for (and able to help with) 'changing the course of history' ...
Post 239 (leanomist) wrote:

Post 197 Stephanie Flanders (following Stephanie's response to a previous comment).

Well done for starting this post and for taking the time to read the comments. There is a lot of invaluable insight available in this post ... and having started this off, there is arguably a responsibility for yourself (and the BBC) to follow-up on it - so can you tell us what you plan to do now please?

I have pulled one quick thread together for you (focused on 'changing the course of history' ... see the link provided below) ... and there are clearly more threads too ... I look forward to your response and to watching progress made with interest ...

This a journey of a lifetime - and one our nation cannot afford you (and the BBC) not to take - please don't disappoint us (it's arguably become a civic responsibility now). You have quite rightly opened the door and now is the time to step in ... good luck ... we're supporting you (so long as you go through the door now, and don't allow all the 'traditional establishments' to immediately deflect/dismiss everything and/or to quickly close ranks).

David Clift, A Future 500 Leader