Saturday, 25 July 2009

A 'battle' that 'transcends nations' ...

In the future, there is a growing risk of unrest, conflict and war. If this does happen, it's likely to start through 'leaders' (who apply Poweromics) creating conflict 'between nations', when in reality the 'battle' of the 21st century should actually be a 'battle of values' ... which 'transcends nations'. In my book I refer to the demise of nations (due to out of date 'leadership' and 'management' practices), combined with the impact of growing unrest created by competition for limited natural resources too (e.g. oil, gas, metals and water).

All the above are completely predictable, but they are not the root cause of the problem - the root cause of the actual problem turns out to be the application of Poweromics by a small minority, at the expense of the vast majority (applying Ignoromics). Leanomics, and the 21st century leadership and management practices it creates, have the unique ability to turn communities, enterprises and nations around, but most of those in positions of 'authority' and 'power' (who apply Poweromics) will try to stop this from happening (and would rather see our nations to go to war instead) ...

Ignoromics will soon reduce (powered by the internet). More hard-working people will start to take responsibility for challenging the 'values system' that currently prevails (Poweromics & Ignoromics), and for changing it for the better (e.g. one based on 'Leanomics') ... but this may not happen until nations are already at war - fighting each other over resources such as oil, food and water ... instead of fighting the 'values system' that starves all nations of a better future.

Nations, their children, and their children's children are already getting killed in the wrong types of 'wars' ... let's hope Ignoromics reduces sooner rather than later, and the 'battle of values' begins, so the human race can move on, for the benefit of everyone (and the overall environment), and stop the outdated system set up to serve the self interest/greed of just a few ...

I was struck by the comments made below by fellow bloggers (whilst discussing 'does size matter', as well as China and other countries moving away from the dollar) and added my own comment as a result too (as well as the additional comments above).


  • Post 80 (armagediontimes) wrote:

    #62 $ #77 Ishkandar. What do you think the Chinese reaction will be when they are told by Uncle Sam that they just have to swallow the losses on all those US T bills.

    Clearly none of the potential solutions as set in #77 will be remotely acceptable to the self appointed rulers of the world.

    Do you think the Chinese understand that there is to be no payback?

    Post 82 (Ishikandar) wrote:

    #80 "What do you think the Chinese reaction will be when they are told by Uncle Sam that they just have to swallow the losses on all those US T bills. Do you think the Chinese understand that there is to be no payback?"

    They don't just understand, they think there is a strong likelihood !! And they are not alone in this !! That's why there is a rising number of calls by various governments for an independent international reserve currency !! The alternative is to dump USD debts and get whatever they can which will be better than nothing !! However, that will totally destroy America's economy once and for all !!

    The BRIC countries have already agreed that this is a viable alternative and Japan and South Korea are in tentative agreement !!

    If America wishes to be suicidal, so be it !!This situation is akin to one child telling another, "If you does not do things my way, I'll hold my breath until I turn blue" !! Highly effective as a blackmail threat, I'm sure !! :-)

    Post 83 (armagediontimes) wrote:

    #82 Ishkandar - Sounds reasonable, and therein lies the problem.

    The rulers of the world spend $1 in every $4 on "defence." So far as they are concerned the BRIC countries role is to do as instructed not to do as they think. No-one wants their thoughts, only their money.

    Look at the US economy today - $ trillions are poured into Wall Street, the rule of law has been suspended insofar as it related to financial oligarchs and Goldman announce record bonuses. Meanwhile 1 in 10 Americans rely on food stamps, and 1 in 50 US children are homeless.

    This tells you something; namely that the only interest of US elites is US elites. From that perspective they will not consider their actions to be suicidal as they personally expect to survive.

    Stand by to receive instructions. If you do not like the instructions you can say a big hello to no less than 12 US Carrier battlegroups.

    Post 84 (Leanomist) wrote:

    Lots of great posts here ... just the thread 80-84 above provides lots of insight for instance ... and points out the clear and predictable risk of war between nations (which is also covered in the book 'Lean World'* - and if it occurs, it will be mostly driven by those applying Poweromics, up until more hard-working people step forward and take responsibility for changing this). IMHO the real 'battle' we therefore face now is one that transcends nations, and is as 'battle of values'**, and those applying Poweromics cannot be allowed to make it into something different (which they will of course predictably try to do) ...

    David Clift, A Future 500 Leader

    * Take a look at P222-227 in for instance.

    ** Take a look at for instance.