Monday, 14 September 2009

Why the Prime Minister hasn't learnt a thing

Gordon Brown said today he is "appalled" that some financial firms are continuing, and even extending, their bonus culture ... so why did he present an open-cheque book to them, bail them out with £100's billions of taxpayers money, and put nothing in place to stop this from happening again? ... for instance why has he not pushed for the introduction of a new Glass-Steagall type act to separate commercial banking (supporting wealth creation) from investment banking (supporting wealth manipulation) again, given the removal of this was a key factor in the financial crisis in the first place?

Mr Brown also refused to blame Britons for their level of rising personal debt during his time as chancellor and prime minister, saying the vast majority of debt had been the result of the "legitimate aim" of people trying to buy a home ... a "legitimate aim" to have a roof over ones head - yes ... but to have to take on huge personal debts to do this - no! ... and this would not have happened if the Government had ensured a steady & sufficient supply of housing (ideally driven by a Land Value Tax too), rather than 'promoting' self interest/greed and house price inflation/speculation.

The problem is the Government do not know how to create real wealth ... they only know how to manipulate wealth, and letting landowners profit from land whilst bankers profit from loans ... and what's even more worrying is that the Prime Minister's comments today show he hasn't learnt anything from this crisis! ... so how could we ever believe he is the right man to fix it?