Monday, 14 September 2009

Double Dip - Double Quick ?

Following on from my previous posts (1,2 for instance), take a look at these recent reality checks from other groups today ... about what we may see in the future too.

Recovery - House prices rising ...? irrelevant ...? a false dawn ? ... and the TUC rejecting claims of recovery too, suggesting we could see a "double dip, double quick" ... with unemployment escalating to 4,000,000 (not 3,000,000) ...

... and there is nothing to say this won't happen, or in fact for it to get much worse than this, unless the Government starts to invest effectively in innovation, creativity and enterprise that can add real-value in far more effective/sustainable ways (e.g. not gambling, investment banking, and property speculation), which can also support public services, as many of my additional posts (e.g.1,2) have also pointed out (including the one below) ...

"... 21st century management practices double the value-adding capability and halve costs both at the same time - but because it's 'lean' in terms of management (and 180 degrees different to traditional management!), most 'leaders'/'managers' either fail to understand it or choose to ignore it, and prefer to stick to what they know* ... most 'leaders' and 'managers' don't mind change, so long as it doesn't change how they lead and manage ... but unfortunately that's what's now needed ... don't expect to see it in a hurry ... but you'll see successful nations/enterprises doing it ... Sir Gus O'Donnell (head of the Civil Service) has known this for years, but has failed to do anything about it ..."

Posted on Stephanomics blog (post 31).