Thursday, 8 December 2011

Locusts, Leeches and Vultures

Financial Services companies are locusts in society, and if anyone is still in any doubt about the level of greed/immorality of bankers then they need look no further than the latest news about HSBC mis-selling bonds which systematically stripped vulnerable old people of their hard-earned money/nest eggs ...

At the same time, ambulance chasing lawyers are like vultures, chasing any opportunity to profit from someone else's misery and pushing people to make fictitious claims (e.g. whiplash injuries). It is almost ironic that lawyers are trying to feed off the locusts now too, following the widespread mis-selling of insurance (PPI) by banks ... 

Oh what a corrupt, rotten, immoral world we live ... and whilst we are on this topic let's not forget the immoral behaviour of Insurance companies, the leeches, who have recently been exposed for profiting heavily from passing on the details of accident victims to ambulance chasing lawyers (and in the process pushing up car insurance premiums).

These leeches promise the world to get their hands on your money, but when there is a risk of paying any money back they'll use any trick in the book to wriggle out of it.  For instance it has recently been revealed how the vast majority of insurance companies aren't checking prior accidents/claims before providing car insurance (despite it costing pennies and being really easy to do) because they prefer to take a huge chunk of people's money knowing that they'll never have to pay any of it back (nb they carry out these cheap/simple checks as soon as you try to claim, and then use this to relinquish themselves of any liability).

The current state of the economy is due to successive inept and corrupt Governments choosing to believe financial services (e.g. casino banking, counterfeiting banking and insurance companies) to be the key to the future prosperity in the UK ... when in reality, just as locusts, these groups systematically destroy value, not add value, to an economy!

Unless these people are stopped and made to pay for their actions, they will bleed the country dry and the vultures will feed off any remains. The bankers and insurance executives will then try to push themselves onto other emerging economies to feed/leech off them (but places like China have already seen right through them - and anyone found trying to destroy their economy like the bankers have here would be tried for economic sabotage and hanged).