Saturday, 2 July 2011

Hoping for growth - from corrupt service industries?

As manufacturing starts to wain, and retail sales and consumer confidence continue to fall, are we going to see politicians once again try to highlight (and rely upon!) 'potential growth' arising from the UK's 'expertise' in the service sector?

Well if they do, they won't refer to the hard-pressed and hard-working retail sector ... but the corrupt practices of groups such as insurance companies and 'no-win no-fee' ambulance chasing lawyers ... who, by actively conniving together (e.g. insurance companies referring people to pushy ambulance chasers!), have forced up already sky high premiums by nearly 40% this year ... 

The lawyers pocket £1000's in fees, and the insurance companies charge all costs back to the motorist.  On top of this, the practice of insurance companies referring accidents to accident lawyers* is also making them 4x more profit than from providing insurance premiums - a shocking revelation. In effect insurance companies are now more keen to be a claims management company than an insurance company - to the detriment of all motorists.

Many people are now charged far more for car insurance than their energy** (value = keeping warm, cooking and washing etc) ... with the average insurance bill set to exceed £1000 by 2012. Insurance premiums are colossal - yet they add no value. Insurance companies call it 'piece of mind', but get Government to enshrine its purchase in law to force you buy it!

Insurance companies and no win-no fee lawyers are parasities - who leech off hard-working people and who destroy real value/wealth creation in this country! So why do politicians allow such scams to continue ... well because they are lobbied heavily by insurance companies ... and because many politicians are lawyers themselves!

Combining these parasitic organisms with the corrupt practice of banks will cause this nation to implode (i.e. collapse) ... not 'grow' ... and if politicians think we can solve the country's problems by exporting these 'services' abroad they are even more deluded ... 

The leeches in our society know no bound ... and need to be driven out ... just like a plague of locusts/rats ... 

* Even Jack Straw, a Barrister and ex Justice Minister himself, has said this practice is a racket and must stop!

** Despite energy prices also shooting up, and energy companies being referred to the competition commission!