Sunday, 10 July 2011

More self interest and greed ... from the Public this time!

As the scandals surrounding the News of the World continue to grow, and the nation's anger at the lack of adherence to any moral/ethical standards and codes becomes visible to all, the nation may have just inadvertently shown Cameron et al that they might be able to 'get off the hook' ... 

So how have they done this ... well by rushing out to buy 5 million copies of its final edition for a start! 

Rather than boycotting the paper, their own personal self-interest and greed has stepped to the fore ... with printing presses having to work overtime to print double the normal number of newspapers ... 

Greedy people are hoping to 'cash in on it' as it becomes a collectors item in the future ... and Cameron et al will be pleased to see this as it gives him a 'rock' to hide behind (i.e. everyone else is acting in their own self-interest)! 

Murdoch will also take heart from this greed and the lack of a boycott ... and take comfort from the fact that the vast majority of advertisers have only sought to switch their advertising to one of his other papers.

If people really want to show their anger then they needed to boycott all News International Papers (e.g. Sun, The Times and Sunday Times) for good, and boycott the advertisers who fund his papers! 

Unfortunately, in the circles of power, 'Money Talks' and it is only by the public boycotting them that the message will be listened to, and those currently in power (and misusing power) stopped from doing so.

This is where Cameron and Murdoch are watching closely now ... as unfortunately within the UK, whether in business or politics, it is still money that talks! 

And to all those rushing out to buy the last edition of "News of the World" ... all moral, decent and honorable people should be saying ... "shame on you - as you have shown yourselves to be living in the same sewer as the people you look to condemn" and "by going out and buying it you are probably allowing the morally corrupt to 'get off the hook' and carry on doing it again"!