Thursday, 7 July 2011

Collusion and corruption - between the Media, Police and Government ...

If anyone's in any doubt about the level of 'corruption', 'collusion' and 'misuse of power' in this country (e.g. bankers, politicians, media etc) ... then they need look no further than the 'circus' currently engulfing the media right now ...

Information, known by the Police for years, but 'quietly'/'corruptly' ignored, has now been raised that the 'News of World' has not only been illegally hacking phones of celebrities/politicians, but it has been paying corrupt Police Officers £10,000's for telephone numbers of crime victims (e.g. Milly Dowler), terrorist victims/survivors (e.g. 7/7) and war victims/relatives (e.g. Afghanistan, Iraq) too ... and then, just as shockingly, deleting messages/evidence so more messages could be left (so they could also hack new messages too).

Once the scandal broke there's been uproar ... and the media (News of the World and the rest of Rupert Murdoch's Empire), Police and Government are reeling trying to work out what to do ... and, unusually, they currently do not appear to have an answer! 

David Cameron, the Prime Minister, has himself close links with current events, given his previous appointment of ex 'News of the World' editor Andy Coulson as his Director of Communications (who now appears to have been complicit in such activities) and also given his close personal friendship with Rebekah Brooks (currently News International CEO and former editor of the News of the World) too.

Mr Cameron has been predictably careful with his words ... confirming only that there will be an inquiry once the police 'inquiries' have concluded. But others are pressing the Government further over this whole murky affair, urging for both a public and judicial review into the handling off this affair, to avoid any risk of the police 'investigating themselves', and to avoid any risk of any 'cover-up'. People, such as Chris Bryant MP, are also demanding a very careful selection of who leads any such review, given the vast number of police and judiciary involved in secretive groups (e.g. the masons) ... [which in itself uncovers yet more about the corrupt world we live in!] 

Given the illegal/unethical practices going on within the News of the World/News International, many (including OfCom) are once again challenging the Government over the proposed takeover of BSkyB by Rupert Murdoch's (owner of News Corporation, News International and News of the World). 

Rupert Murdoch controls a great deal of the media already, yet Jeremy Hunt, despite strong representations (over 100,000), still appears to be resisting referring the takeover to the Competition Commission. However OfCom are themselves could consider, particularly given recent events, blocking the takeover on grounds that News Corporation does not appear to be a "fit and proper" owner of a UK broadcaster.

Ministers are loathed to challenge Murdoch, due to the power he already wields (or more specifically the misuse of power he wields!), but a number of Politicians are now saying enough is enough ... and Politicians must stop colluding with the media and put a stop to this murky/corrupt practice. Chris Bryant told the House of Commons that the 'whole political system has failed'! 

I agree ... but do you think this will happen?  ... IMHO the spin doctors (NB David Cameron was an ex-PR man himself!) will find ways to 'buy time' ... time to see how things develop and time to see how they can 'spin their way out of this' ... in order to clear their name ... and to give their 'friend' Murdoch what wants!