Thursday, 7 July 2011

"News of the World" chopped ... but will this 'sacrificial lamb' succeed?

Well that was quick ... James Murdoch, son of Rupert Murdoch and chairman of News International, has just announced that the last publication of the "News of the World" will take place on Sunday

With pressure mounting on the Murdoch empire (e.g. key advertisers pulling out in their droves) and Government, they have clearly concluded that all the 'spin in the world' will not get them out of this hole ... hence the news that the "News of the World" is to become a 'sacrificial lamb'.

IMHO this decision is nothing whatsoever to do with ensuring a level of ethical standards in the media ... but a cold/hard business decision to try to stop the BSkyB bid from collapsing (which is something Murdoch really wants)!

Hence Murdoch's decision should not change anything ... and those in Power (Government, Media, Police), and abusing their power, need to be flushed out and locked up (wherever and whenever corruption, collusion and criminality can be proven). 

The investigations should press ahead quickly, urged on by (i.e. not deflected by) Murdoch's decision today ... News Corporation are clearly not 'fit and proper' to take over the UK broadcaster BSkyB. The House of Commons needs to keep its resolve, and strike while the iron's hot ... it must not be deflected by Murdoch's 'little game'  ... and it should impose tighter regulations on the media too (as self regulation has clearly not worked)!

However, watch the Politicians (e.g. Cameron, Hunt et al) try to turn things subtly around now ... now that the necessary 'sacrificial lamb' has been put on the table! 

How predictable they are ... how they collude together in order to maintain their positions of power ... and how gullible they think people are! 

Let's see if they're right ... and if their cunning plan works ...