Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Accounting loopholes used by bankers to 'inflate profits' (and their bonuses)!

Following on from my recent post about the locusts, leeches and vultures in our society (i.e. financial services companies and lawyers) a report has been published today by the Adam Smith Institute showing how banks (the locusts) use outdated/flawed accounting rules to fictitiously boost profits in order to maximise their bonuses.

The report highlights how technically insolvent banks are using IRFS accounting rule annomalies to report massive profits by using expectations of future values when calculating/reporting profits ... to make it look as if they are not insolvent and to make it look as if the bankers are making lots of money (in order to boost their own individual bonuses).  Yet many of these assets, contrary to increasing in value can easily, and in fact do (as we have seen!), become worthless.

The report highlights how the 'financial engineering' going on in banks is no more than a legalized scam/ponzi scheme (e.g. Credit Default Swaps) and how it's effectively fraud (which compliments/augments the legalized counterfeiting they also undertake)! It also highlights how politicians and regulators are doing nothing to tackle the anomalies in the accounting procedures to stop them from doing this in the future.  

The report also exposes how the ratings systems not only allow, but positively support, them making up and using 'fraudulent' financial vehicles to fictitiously drive up profits (by giving scam 'products' triple AAA ratings),  whilst making it very difficult for hard-working small/medium enterprises to get a loan (due to not giving them triple AAA ratings and/or no rating at all). This makes it easy, and much more lucrative, for banks to 'manufacture profits' from 'financial products' (or 'vehicles'), rather than generate profit by lending money to an enterprise working hard to manufacture 'real products' (e.g. real 'vehicles')!

So what are the Government doing? ... Well rather than tackling the problem at its source (e.g. by starting to address the flawed rules/systems that allow such scams to go on), they have instead said they are going to set a little bit of taxpayers money aside (i.e. your money!) for small/medium businesses (whipppeee)! ... and at the same time they are preparing for the next bank bailout - which will occur when the value of all these fictitious financially engineered products actually prove to be worthless (and when the current commodity boom they are currently pushing also goes bust). With 'ring-fencing' effectively put into the long grass by politicians*, nothing of any substance will have been implemented to protect the taxpayer before the next collapse (currently being driven by the bankers).

The end result ... mega-rich bankers/speculators ... bankrupt nations/taxpayers. 

The process ... legalized fraud, robbery and counterfeiting ... endorsed by corrupt politicians and law makers (n.b. lobby groups such the CBI also lobby heavily on behalf of banks, claiming they are the 'Voice of Business', when due to the vast amounts of money given to them by the banks, they are really the 'Voice of Banks').

In China such people would be tried for economic sabotage ... and, if guilty, hanged ...

So when will people in the Western World realize what is happening and start to demand action ... a couple more years perhaps? ... when the next bailout is required?

Well, whatever the timescale, the bankers are clearly looking to make hay while the sun shines (i.e. taking a shedload of your future wages - i.e. the taxes they will take from you in the future to pay for previous/future bailouts) ... whilst the politicians/lawyers try to put up barriers, blow up bridges, and get their lifeboats ready ... so when people do finally realise what's actually been going on they won't be able to reach them ... or their corrupt bank friends!

* David Cameron has put plans for any ring-fencing at least 5-10 years away, and he also put aside our national interests last week when trying to protect his banking friends in the City from any regulatory changes taking place in Europe.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

I predict a riot ... or public disorder ... says ex Police Chief

With budgets under increasing pressure, unemployment growing and Police morale also becoming an issue, Lord Stevens, recently launched an independent commission into the future of Policing, saying "my own belief is - and it's a very personal one - that (over) the next 18 months, two to three years, one of the main issues will be public order, or rather public disorder".

"I don't think anyone would disagree with that in terms of the challenges facing policing. We'll be looking at that in some detail," he said.

"My gut feeling and beyond is that it's going to be a very difficult 18 months, two years, but I hope to God I'm wrong."

He predicted "disquiet on the streets" and said he was really concerned about unemployment - particularly youth unemployment and "a sense of increasing crime" and said "The police have to be absolutely match fit to deal with these issues."

Indeed - I don't think anyone needs a crystal ball to see this one coming ... and I think the timeframes are probably about right too.

Locusts, Leeches and Vultures

Financial Services companies are locusts in society, and if anyone is still in any doubt about the level of greed/immorality of bankers then they need look no further than the latest news about HSBC mis-selling bonds which systematically stripped vulnerable old people of their hard-earned money/nest eggs ...

At the same time, ambulance chasing lawyers are like vultures, chasing any opportunity to profit from someone else's misery and pushing people to make fictitious claims (e.g. whiplash injuries). It is almost ironic that lawyers are trying to feed off the locusts now too, following the widespread mis-selling of insurance (PPI) by banks ... 

Oh what a corrupt, rotten, immoral world we live ... and whilst we are on this topic let's not forget the immoral behaviour of Insurance companies, the leeches, who have recently been exposed for profiting heavily from passing on the details of accident victims to ambulance chasing lawyers (and in the process pushing up car insurance premiums).

These leeches promise the world to get their hands on your money, but when there is a risk of paying any money back they'll use any trick in the book to wriggle out of it.  For instance it has recently been revealed how the vast majority of insurance companies aren't checking prior accidents/claims before providing car insurance (despite it costing pennies and being really easy to do) because they prefer to take a huge chunk of people's money knowing that they'll never have to pay any of it back (nb they carry out these cheap/simple checks as soon as you try to claim, and then use this to relinquish themselves of any liability).

The current state of the economy is due to successive inept and corrupt Governments choosing to believe financial services (e.g. casino banking, counterfeiting banking and insurance companies) to be the key to the future prosperity in the UK ... when in reality, just as locusts, these groups systematically destroy value, not add value, to an economy!

Unless these people are stopped and made to pay for their actions, they will bleed the country dry and the vultures will feed off any remains. The bankers and insurance executives will then try to push themselves onto other emerging economies to feed/leech off them (but places like China have already seen right through them - and anyone found trying to destroy their economy like the bankers have here would be tried for economic sabotage and hanged).

An increasingly unequal country where people are definitely not 'all in this together'

Income inequality has risen faster in Britain than in any other rich nation since the mid-1970s, according to a report by the OECD

The think-tank says the gap has come about due to the rise of a financial services concentrating wealth into the hands of a tiny minority and has warned about the rise of the top 1% in rich societies and the falling share of income going to poorer people.

This trend is especially pronounced in Britain*, where the dramatic rise in inequality has been fuelled by the creation of a super-rich class. The share of the top 1% of income earners increased from 7.1% in 1970 to 14.3% in 2005.

Just prior to the global recession, the OECD says the very top of British society – the 0.1% of highest earners – accounted for a remarkable 5% of total pre-tax income, a level of wealth hoarding not seen since the second world war.

At the same time as accumulating great wealth, the rich have seen tax rates fall. The top marginal income tax rate dropped from 60% in the 1980s to 40% in the 2000s, before its recent increase to 50% (which the current Tory leadership is trying hard to scrap).

Cameron is also going to the EU Summit with the sole aim of 'protecting' his 'friends' in the City ... the people who helped to bankrupt our nation, who are still not lending to small business, and who are now busy speculating on commodities/currencies and trying to bankrupt the nations (and taxpayers) who bailed them out!

The OECD report re-enforces previous reports of FTSE100 executives receiving 50% pay rises (on already multi-million pay packages), whilst the vast majority of hard-working people are facing pay freezes/cuts and/or redundancy.